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Protefilm, is engaged in development, production and marketing of self-adhesive films for temporary surface protection.
We have a wide range of technical and commercial solutions appropriate to their needs. We have film for various industrial sectors: construction, household appliances, automotive and logistics, among others.
Protefilm staffing technical assistance anywhere in the zone, by a highly qualified professional body.

Our Products

applications and industries:

STRETCH FILM made from 100%
virgin resin.


What is the use of the protective film?

The purpose of this protection is that the product reaches the consumer in the same condition that took the time to apply. That is, under optimal conditions of presentation. Upon arrival to the definition in a sale to a consumer, the difference between a product "protected film" one "unprotected striped, dirt or stains" defines purchase.
On metal plates, mats, acrylics, plastics, etc., is used to maintain a surface during various stages of production as drilling, bending, forming, transportation and installation preventing scratches, marks, dirt or stains intact.


What is the protective film?

It is a polyethylene film with adhesive on one side. Some of the properties include thickness, adhesion, color, tensile strength and UV resistance. This product is 100% recyclable.


Quality Certificates
ISO 9001

We are a company with System Quality Management under IRAM-ISO 9001:2000